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Packaging Information Guide

Packaging Information Guide


The Packaging Information Guide is made for designers, copywriters, project managers, or business owners who need help collecting and managing packaging copy and information easily!

We understand that sometimes you're juggling an overwhelming list of tasks, and getting ALLLL the product information and copy sounds like yet another task. This is why we've taken this task off your plate and made collecting, writing, and managing packaging information easy for you!

"The MUST-HAVE guide for your print packaging needs!!!"

"I LOVE THE GUIDE! Your Packaging Information Guide is perfect for clients – It covers absolutely everything (some I even realized I was missing from my own document for clients)! I love how you added visual aid and really guided the clients through the content with tips and examples. And it’s so easy to understand so the clients feel very supported the entire process! And also, the additional information/packaging section is perfect! Everything is so detailed and thorough, this is a no-brainer for packaging designers!"


Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available.

  • File formats available:

    Google Sheets, Google Docs, Editable PDF, & Notion

  • Say goodbye to:

    ✖ Not knowing what information to ask your clients

    ✖ Clients asking you to write the copy for them

    ✖ Projects taking longer to finish because of late and missing copy

    ✖ Email back and forth with clients

    ✖ Going through your emails or drive searching for information

    In other words: This is the guide you wish had when you got your first packaging design project. ;)

  • What's inside:

    • Editable Google Sheet (Main)
    • Editable Google Doc Version

    • Video Walkthrough

    • Sample Copy as guides (No lorem ipsum!)

    • Product Information Section

    • Label/Packaging Copy Collection System

    • Packaging Specification Section

    • Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts Panel Guide (With tips so you'll know which one to use)

    • Product Expiry Guide (Note on when and how to use it)

    • Additional Packaging Copy Section and more!

    • BONUS: Packaging Send-off Checklist

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